Ted Dexter
Ted Dexter's Technique
Susan in suit
Here are my best tips for how to dress for enjoying a day at the cricket (don't do golf) which I hope will be useful to you.

I was a model during the sixties and had to look good and feel comfortable for hours at a time watching Teddy play.

With the sales upon us, it is worth remembering the temperature in the long room at Lords and/or outside on the north stand can be arctic if you are not in the sun and this can ruin even the best test.

It is difficult to look summery and warm, but a light coloured wool suit with a long skirt really does do the trick. I can't remember where I bought this suit but I highly recommend something in this vein if you are a keen spectator.

Susan dexter
These splendid bathrobes were a gift to us from Jane and Jerry Weintraub (he of Oceans 11, 12 etc) when we stayed at their Blue Heaven Estate in Malibu. How the colour perfect MCC Monograms came to be embroidered in deepest California remains a mystery.